CARD #2125.129 – THE RECKONING NIGHT 1.4 – 06.27.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Demios


We see SLY DRURY in his luxury box commissioner’s office on his communicator. He’s listening to the person on the other end. When they are done, he speaks.

SLY DRURY: It’s not open for discussion. I’m the GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPION and the GWF Commissioner. I cannot spare even one member of my Security Squad.

He listens as the person on the other end of the line talks.

DRURY: I’m sure you were, but it’s just not going to happen. The Board is watching me even closer now than ever so I’ve got to make sure my team plays it as legit as possible.

He listens as the person on the other end of the line talks.

DRURY: Yes, of course, look I have very pressing matters to deal with here, I have to go.

He hangs up his communicator and the camera pans to reveal that standing in his office is PAGANAX, ENCUBUS, NOSFERA and OMEN. They are all four impatient. Especially PAGANAX.

DRURY: I’m sorry gentlemen. (He smirks.) Women. Now I know you all have various things on your mind. Paganax you’re focused on Endgame…

PAGANAX: (Growls.)

DRURY: Encubus, you’re focused on Thantos (II).


DRURY: And Nosfera, you’re focused on…well…whatever it is you focus on.

NOSFERA: (Hisses)

OMEN waves his torch.

DRURY: Right, but gentlemen tonight, I need your help. I need you all to change your focus and help me out tonight. In return, I will deliver the things you want to you. Paganax, I’ll give you Endgame however you want him.

PAGANAX: (Growls)

DRURY: Encubus, Thantos (II) isn’t even here tonight…

ENCUBUS: Because he’s not even in my class.

DRURY: Yes. So this task should be easy for you, complete it and I’ll give you Thantos (II) in whatever type of match you’d like. And Nosfera…

NOSFERA: (Hisses)

OMEN again waves the torch.

DRURY: I’ll give you whatever it is…you want.

ENCUBUS: What do we have to do?

DRURY: Simple. You have to do whatever you can to ensure that Hector doesn’t make it anywhere near the top of the gauntlet. He must not take the night.

ENCUBUS: Sounds like you’re scared.

DRURY: I’m not scared, I just…have a lot on my plate and I don’t need him getting in my way.

PAGANAX slams his fists down on the desk. Everyone jumps back.

PAGANAX: Chief will destroy whoever it takes to get Endgame.

DRURY: Yes, Chief. Good. So that’s it. You gentlemen deliver and I will deliver unto you.

The four men turn and begin to exit. ENCUBUS stops and turns back.

ENCUBUS: Oh and Drury?


ENCUBUS: I’ve already had Thantos (II) in a submission match and I laid him to waste, so I may have another thing I’d like if I take out Hector.

DRURY: And that is?

ENCUBUS: You’ll find out.

ENCUBUS stares at DRURY for a second and then exits. DRURY watches the closed door, shakes his head and begins to straighten the papers that flew when PAGANAX slammed the desk.

We cut down to the ring for our first match.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. THE GLADIATORS via DQ due to wild brawling. – DUD – The bell rang as the GLADIATORS made their way to the ring, and as soon as they hit the ring a wild brawl broke out. The ref tried desperately to restore order, signaling SHOOT and TURMOIL as the legal men, but he was unable to and called the match when TURMOIL hit SHOOT with a steel chair! After the bell rang and officials were able to seperate the teams, SHOOT and CLINCH grabbed mics.

SHOOT: You guys think yer real tough guys but you know you aren’t, right Clinch?

CLINCH: That’s right Shoot! We’ve bested you for these here belts at RIngs Of Destruction and you know there ain’t no way yer gettin’ them back, right Shoot?

SHOOT: You said it Clinch! And since we’re the champs, we get to call the shots! You and us, tomorrow night, for the belts in an Ultimate Fight Match! We’ll be glad to knock yer heads in once again, right Clinch?

CLINCH: That’s right Shoot, ’cause me and Shoot are the Ultimate FIghters and we’re…



Steeming with rage, THE GLADIATORS head backstage as CLINCH and SHOOT both flex and do their trademark arm movements. Soo they head back and we’re ready to begin the Galaxian CHampionship Gauntlet!

Paralyze d. Paganax via pinfall with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED. – *** – Paralyze picks up a HUGE win knocking the Heathan Chief out of the running for the belt and keeping him about as far from his goal of getting his hands on Endgame as possible. After the match PAGANAX was furious as he stormed backstage!

Paralyze d. Payback via pinfall with HEART TRANSPLANT. – ***1/2 – Payback had been eager for this match to get a win over the Gladiator after their last encounter ended with a loss for him. Paralyze saw it as a chance to get some, payback, for Payback’s involvement in injuring the Overmaster! Paralyze swiftly took Payback out and was eager for his next opponent.

We cut backstage to the LEGENDS OF THE RING locker room as HECTOR and SWARM watch Payback’s loss on a holovid screen.

HECTOR: Dammit.

SWARM: What?

HECTOR: Well now it’s up to you?

SWARM: Up to me?

HECTOR: Yeah, it’s up to you to go all the way to the finals and face Drury.

SWARM: Am I going daft or are you not also in the gauntlet as well?


SWARM: Then I can’t quite wrap my head around why you said it’s all up to me then to get to the finals.

HECTOR (laughs): You use that phrase a lot.

SWARM: What?

HECTOR: That you ‘can’t wrap your head around’ things or that ‘things don’t make sense’ to you. You keep talking like that and people are going to start thinking you’re stupid.

SWARM rushes to HECTOR and backs him up against some lockers.

SWARM: You want to call me stupid again?!

HECTOR: Well then why don’t you stop acting like you are! There’s a plan…

SWARM rears back and punches Hector who goes flying back into the lockers.

SWARM: Don’t mention that damn plan again! You got me? I’m sick of hearing about it! You don’t have a plan. You’re a lying sack of…

HECTOR: You…you…need to…

SWARM: I’m done with you telling me what I need to do. From now on I do what I want to do. And tonight, I’m winning this whole thing whether that’s part of your plan or not.

HECTOR (laughs): It is. It’s the whole plan.

SWARM shakes his head and storms out of the locker room as HECTOR stands and we cut back to the ring for our next match.

Encubus d. Paralyze via pinfall with SECOND COMING. – ** – Encubus topples the big Gladiator, defeating him soundly to move forward in the gauntlet. Though Encubus had picked up the win, the crowd could tell he was a little out of place not having Mother Superior at ringside.

Havoc d. Encubus via pinfall after a whiplash clothesline. – * – Havoc pulls out a big win against Encubus, dispatching of him very quickly. Again, Mother Superior’s absence is felt in this match.

Hector The Holy Brown Bear d. Havoc via pinfall with I KNOW YOUR SECRET. – ***** – Holy cow! What a match! The fans were on their feet the whole time as these two laid into each other. A great back and forth battle. Hector gets the win! As soon as his arm is raised, SWARM charges the ring for our next match. SWARM looks like he cannot wait to get his hands on HECTOR!

Swarm d. Hector The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after VENOMOUS STINGER. – *1/2 – SWARM dispatches HECTOR in this match!. HECTOR had no offense at all! After the bell, SWARM was obviously smiling as HECTOR rolled out of the ring and grabbed a mic.

HECTOR: Good. Now, you need to go all the way. It’s all part of the plan.

SWARM lunges through the ropes towards HECTOR who dodges and runs up the ramp as SWARM’S next opponent came to the ring and it is…NOSFERA!

Swarm d. Nosfera via pinfall with the VENOMOUS STINGER! – SQUASH – SWARM destroys NOSFERA in this totally one sided affair. The crowd is ecstatic! SWARM is pumped up. HECTOR is at the top of the ramp applauding and nodding. If SWARM wins this next one, he will face SLY DRURY for the championship! His opponent makes his way to ringside and it’s none other than…


The crowd is blowing the roof off this place as they feel this match will be something to see between these two fan favorites.

Endgame d. Swarm via pinfall with the ULTIMA LEAP. – ** – ENDGAME gets the win and will face Commissioner and Champion SLY DRURY tomorrow night in the main event! SWRM is sitting in the corner shaking his had as ENDGAME celebrates. Up near the entrance HECTOR who has been watching shakes his head and leaves.

That wraps up this night of action from Deimos! All eyes turn now to tomorrow night and night two of THE RECKONING! Up in his luxury box office DRURY shakes his head and looks nervously down at ENDGAME. This is what we see as we…