CARD #2124.109 – INVASION – 08.14.2124

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The GALAXIAN CHAMPION AETHRAN OVERMASTER enters the room with the rest of the GLADIATORS in tow.

DRURY: Gentlemen. And Strafe. To what…(DRURY winces in pain as he shifts in his chair due to his injury)…do I owe the pleasure.

OVERMASTER: Strafe has earned her title shot agains Mother Superior.

DRURY (obviously unhappy): Yes. She has.

OVERMASTER: Now Paralyze gets an Interplanetary title shot.

DRURY (stands, in pain): What?

OVERMASTER: He’s beaten Endgame. Put him in the Interplanetary Title match against your man.

DRURY: I suppose you’re insist?

OVERMASTER says nothing.

DRURY: Fine. I’ll give Paralyze an IP title shot. But tonight, he’s got to do a favor for me.


DRURY: He’s got to take out Hector!

OVERMASTER turns and looks at PARALYZE. PARALYZE nods.

OVERMASTER: Fine. Book it.

THE GLADIATORS turn an exit as we cut to the ring for our first match.

She Devil vs. Rotunda
She Devil defeated Rotunda with a pinfall after a CANNONBALL CLOTHESLINE
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: SHE-DEVIL wastes no time in putting ROTUNDA away and picking up the win.

Patch vs. Anivar
Patch defeated Anivar with a pinfall after COMPLETE PATCH WORK
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: An amazing back and forth battle that could have gone either way! DARK MENACE called for VIDTEK to interfere but the SECURITY SQUAD stopped him. DRURY was more than pleased that PATCH picked up the win.

Paralyze vs. Hector
Paralyze defeated Hector with a DQ when COMMON ENEMY interferes on behalf of HECTOR
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: PARALYZE was seconds away from winning when DARK MENACE called COMMON ENEMY to the ring to interfere. PARALYZE and STRAFE were upset that match ended in DQ. What does this mean for PARALYZE’S INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP match?

Frontal Assault vs. On the Edge
Havoc defeated Zygon with a DQ when ZYGON whips HAVOC into the guardrails at ringside
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: It began as a brawl and ended that way with all four men outside the ring wailing on each other. The ref could not restore order and called the match.

Rush vs. Endgame
Endgame defeated Rush with a submission after the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: The young GLADIATOR came so close to beating ENDGAME several times. But the veteran watched for an opening and took it. He made RUSH tap and then grabbed the mic.

ENDGAME: Paralyze, you’re next.

Mifits vs. Titan Energy
Nosfera defeated Tristan with a pinfall after THE DEMON’S BREATH
Match Rating: 0.75
Match Notes: Again THE BETRAYER allowed NOSFERA to do all the work. NOSEFRA never looked for a tag and THE BETRAYER never offered. BETRAYER just seemed content to stand on the apron and watch. He did help distract the ref so that NOSFERA could blind TRISTAN with the DEMON’S BREATH though. THE MISFITS pick up another win!

Aethran Overmaster vs. Tricks
Aethran Overmaster defeated Tricks with a DQ when TRICKS refuses to stop brawling
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Before the match, TRICK promised he was going to take OVERMASTER to sick places he never even thought of. OVERMASTER promised to destroy TRICKS. The brawl tumbled out of the ring and soon the ref was DQing TRICKS. RUSH AND PARALYZE ran to ringsside and all three of them started beating up on TRICKS. OVERMASTER grabbed the mic and lowered his face close to TRICKS’.

OVERMASTER: Normally, a DQ means you get no title shot. Today’s your lucky day though. You’ll get a title shot, but it’s it’ll be inside a Barbed Wire Cosmic cage. You want sick. You’re going to get it.

THE GLADIATORS walked away and the camera focused in on TRICKS writhing in pain. A slow smile spread across his face as we…


Overall Card Rating: 1.98