CARD #2123.93 – SUPERNOVA – 12.07.2123

2123.93 – SUPERNOVA
12.07.2123 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Anivar vs. Patch
This match ended in a draw (double DQ after a wild brawl broke out)
Match Notes: This one barely began. Tensions between the FDF and OUTLAW nation were at record heights and a wild brawl broke out! Just about the entire locker room cleared out to keep these two teams apart! The ref declared it a NO CONTEST!

Several minutes after the ring was cleared and bother the FDF and OUTLAW NATION were separated in the back and had adjourned to their respective locker rooms, COMMISSIONER IRON HAND came to ringside, to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

IRON HAND: The brawl you just witnessed is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been trying to rid the GWF of. You fans deserve better. You deserve definitive endings to matches, not out of control donnybrooks like you just saw. So, to that end, I’m going to make sure the next match up between the FDF and the OUTLAW NATION has a very definitive ending. At INVASION your new GALAXIAN CHAMPION Endgame will take on Sly Drury in a HYDRA LUMBER JACK MATCH as the other FDF and OUTLAW NATION matches have been in this series. But I’m going to order the official of that match to see the match to the end. Unlike tonight there will be an ending. Oh and because it’s of my opinion that Endgame’s crusade is breeding the violence like you saw tonight!, the match at INVASION will no longer be NON TITLE! The HYDRA LUMBERJACK MATCH on INVASION between Endgame and Sly Drury will now be for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

(The crowd is shocked and excited about this new! IRON HAND seems to not care either way

Sultana vs. Strafe
Strafe defeated Sultana with a pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: STRAFE made pretty short work of SULTANA in this match.

Swarm vs. Monolith
Monolith defeated Swarm with a DQ when SWARM slammed MONOLITH into the guardrails at ringside
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: This one was over quickly as MONOLITH declared from the outset his goal was only to rid the GWF of all ANIMEN as he worked his way up to WOLF. SWARM gave him a bit of a fight and even got himself DQ’d after he slammed the big man into the guardrails at ringside. MONOLITH was none to happy at the result of this match.

The Troubleshooters vs. Gladiators
Muss defeated Paralyze with a DQ after PARALYZE whipped MUSS into the ringside steps
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: These two teams are gunning for the title shot at BIG BANG but the non ending here may derail their chances.

Vidtek vs. Retribution
Retribution defeated Vidtek with a submission after GROUNDING THE DEMON
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: RETRIBUTION gets the victory in this rematch against VIDTEK! Many thought that VIDTEK would have a leg up as SHE-DEVIL was barred from ringside after she interfered and the ref caught her. RETRIBUTION was able to pull off the win for himself though.

Divided We Fall vs. Circus Strongmen 2123
Encubus defeated Gryt with a pinfall after a leg sweep kick
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: CIRCUS STRONG MEN came very close to winning several times in this match. The crowd actually gave the STRONMEN a bit of respect at the end of the match for the show they put on. But in the end, DIVIDED WE FALL got the win. The question now is, who will the champs face at BIG BANG?!

Overall Card Rating: 2.80