CARD #2123.74 – STORMFRONT – 01.31.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We are somewhere back stage in the bowels of the arena. Wherever the location is it’s very dimly lit. We see the camera moving around until, in the pale light, we can see ANIVAR.)

ANIVAR: Now you three have your instructions right?

VOICE #1: Yeah, we’ve got our target.

ANIVAR: Good. Just like I planned. No one knows but us.

VOICE #2: You want we should act during your match too?

ANIVAR: No! Absolutely not! That would make things too obvious. Just stick to the plan.

VOICE #3: We got ya! We’ll do what you said.

ANIVAR: Excellent. Tonight, we start fighting back. (He laughs.)

(ANIVAR turns and walks out as the cut to the opening montage for STORMFRONT 2123!)

Phantasy vs. She Devil
She Devil defeated Phantasy with a CANNONBALL CLOTHESLINE into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Decent opener to kick things off.

The Troubleshooters vs. The Stand
Muss defeated Kill Prey with a MUSS ‘EM UP into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: An amazing match between these two teams. THE STAND was on the verge of getting the win several times and truth be told it could have gone either way. In the end the veteran team of MUSS and THE BOMB were able to score the pinfall victory.

Sly Drury vs. Tauran
Sly Drury defeated Tauran with a DQ when three masked wrestlers ran to the ring and interfered
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: This match was a pretty good back and forth between TAURAN and SLY DRURY until three masked wrestlers ran to ringside and attacked DRURY from behind. The ref called for the bell and the three wrestlers ignored his warnings and performed a triple team powerbomb on DRURY through a table! TAURAN looked on shocked as all this happened and even tried to interfere at one point and one of the masked wrestlers punched him aside. As soon as the three had laid DRURY out they hopped the rails and left through the crowd! Security scoured the building but was unable to locate them. The ref awarded the match to SLY DRURY who was taken from the ring on a stretcher.

Gladiators vs. The Master Race
Paralyze defeated Thraxx with a PARALYZER that allowed him to escape – pinfall
Rage defeated Thraxx with an ALL THE RAGE into an escape – pinfall
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: THE GLADIATORS made short work out of the MASTER RACE but as they celebrated outside the cage, THE MASTER RACE and DARK MENACE attacked them from behind, shoving PARALYZE into the cage, knocking him out. THRAXX and ZYGON then dragged RAGE back into the cage and fed his head through one of the opening and attempted a double slingshot that rammed RAGE’S throat into the metal bars!!! Officials were able to clear the ring but RAGE was definitely hurt and needed medical attention.

Patch vs. Anivar
Patch defeated Anivar with a WALK THE WALK into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: These two battled hard and even with the special stipulations allowing weapons to be used outside the ring, the action only went out there once during the match. When it did tumble outside, ANIVAR leveled PATCH with a garbage can. PATCH was able to fight back and eventually hit his finisher for a pinfall victory.

(To a chorus of boos from the capacity crowd, IRON HAND made his way to the ring.)

IRON HAND: First, I’ve already met STRAFE and DISASTER on the way out here asking me if I planned on taking any action against MASTER RACE for their actions earlier in the evening. To that I say simply, “No.”

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: Not that I have to explain any of my actions, or non actions to you, it’s simple. This was a Feud Match. The AERTHRAN ULTIMATE ESCAPE chamber is a vicious environment meant to escalate a feud! They knew the risks and they knew who they were stepping in the ring with and you cannot tell me that if given the chance THE GLADIATORS wouldn’t have done the same thing to THE MASTER RACE! I seem to recall that the JUNGLE WARRIORS aren’t around here right now because of similar actions by THE GLADIATORS, so if you’re asking me if I’m gonna take any action I say, “No.” THE GLADIATORS played with fire and got burned.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: Now I didn’t come out here to belabor this point. I’m here to explain the rules of a brand new Tag Team match I’ve brought to the GWF. A FLARE BOMB MATCH. Here’s the rules, regular tag team rules apply. Regular DQ’s apply except for this…

(IRON HAND walks over to a small box in one of the corners, sticks his hand in and pulls out a flaming ball.)

IRON HAND: This is a Flare Bomb! Each tag team has three of these in these special boxes they may use during the match. Only the man outside the ring may use these and they must throw them from the ring apron. They can use this as sort of a ‘pin save’ tactic to try and save their partner! I think you’ll have to agree this add a whole new element to tag team action here in the GWF. So now let’s meet the participants in this first ever flare bomb match. You already know two of them, please welcome Tanck and American Guy!

(CROWD boos as TANCK and AMERICAN GUY make their way to the ring area. PHANTASY accompanies AMERICAN GUY and VIN STRUTTER follows TANCK.)

IRON HAND: And now the other two participants in this FLARE BOMB MATCH, Plethador and U.S. Male!

(The CROWD goes nuts as they realize what this means! PLETHADOR has been out since 2122 after being injured by TANCK in a barbed wire cosmic cage and U.S. MALE has been sidelined with injuries caused by AMERICAN GUY and a chair. PLETHADOR and AMERICAN GUY make their way to the ring, looking like they are ready to kill! SHE-DEVIL follows PLETHADOR to the ring. All four men are now in the ring and the crowd is going beserk.)

IRON HAND: Yes. Yes. The two heroes returning from injury to face the men who took them out. You see I made this match now because I knew if I didn’t then Plethador or U.S. Male would plan a surprise sneak attack against either Tanck or American Guy and the cycle of violence would continue. The wrestlers here in the GWF need to learn that you’re here to compete, not for personal vendettas. So that’s why we’re having this little match. Now, Plethador and American Guy you’ll probably want to get to the proper corners.

(All four men stand looking confused for a minute.)

IRON HAND: Let’s go, we’re waiting to start this match. Get to your proper corners!

(Again all for men look around in confusion.)

IRON HAND: Oh, that’s right, I didn’t completely explain. See, you just assumed that it’d be Tanck and American Guy against Plethador and U.S. Male. No, no, no. I never said that. I just said who was PARTICIPATING in the match. See, the teams for tonight are Plethador and Tanck against U.S. Male and American Guy!

(Crowd is absolutely flabergasted! This was a major swerve! Not only does this put the feuding wrestlers on the same team, it also reunites, at least for one night only, STARS & STRIPES! AMERICAN GUY looks totally happy at this turn of events, the rest of the men do not as they reluctantly move to their corners for the starting bell.)

American Guy and U.S. Male vs. Plethador and Tanck
American Guy defeated Plethador with an AMERICAN FIREPOWER into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was some standard bearer for future FLARE BOMB matches! The action was fast and furious and the end resulted in a little controversy as TANCK threw a flare bomb in and hit PLETHADOR squarely in the face! TANCK swears it was an accident but it did wind up costing him and PLETHADOR the match! AMERICAN GUY was extremely happy at the win and he ran in to congratulate U.S. MALE and U.S. Male just turned and walked out of the ring.

Mother Superior vs. Shann-Ra
for the GWF Women’s Championship
Mother Superior defeated Shann-Ra with a DIVIDED WE FALL into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: MOTHER SUPERIOR completely dominated this match and she quickly put SHANN-RA down. After the match DIVIDED WE FALL ran to ringside and grabbed SHANN-RA as MOTHER SUPERIOR grabbed a microphone.

MOTHER SUPERIOR: There is a new law here in the GWF. MARTIAL LAW! And although it may seem that there are many sides to this battle but there’s not. There’s only two. You’re either with Iron Hand or against him. Me and DIVIDED WE FALL are with him. We are MARTIAL LAW. You, Shann-Ra and you’re little RESISTANCE must learn a lesson and you’re gonna learn it NOW!

(ENCUBUS grabs SHANN-RAN and holds here in a low bearhug as BLOODLINE charges across the ring and bounces back with a vicious clothesline, slamming SHANN-RA to the mat! The moment she hits, MOTHER SUPERIOR dives from the top turnbuckle and drops a forearm right across SHANN-RA’S throat! Officials ran from the back to break it up. It will be interesting to see if IRON HAND will levy any suspensions for this unprovoked attack.)

Havoc vs. Nosfera
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Nosfera defeated Havoc with a SPRIN HEEL KICK into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: NOSFERA did it! He pulled out all the stops and defeated the ever so determined HAVOC to win the GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP! HAVOC was visibly upset after this match and love him or hate him, who could blame him? He’d been the champion until stripped of the belt by IRON HAND. No one could doubt his drive though as he came all the way back to the finals of the tournament to be here tonight. After the match IRON HAND came down to ringside to award the belt to NOSFERA. HAVOC watched from the top of the ramp, then turned in disgust and left, with DARK MENACE right behind him.

Nosfera won the GWF Interplanetary Championship

Divided We Fall vs. Titan Energy
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Encubus defeated Tristan with a MAFFI MASTERLOCK leading to a submission
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: TITAN ENERGY brought it to this match. Perhaps spurred on by the people who said that they were hand picked by IRON HAND as an easy victory for DIVIDED WE FALL, the young duo showed that they are more than capable of hanging with the champs. In the end the more experienced team of DIVIDED WE FALL got the win, but there’s no doubt a rematch in the future for this young team!

Monolith vs. Wolf
for the Galaxian Championship
Monolith defeated Wolf with a rib crusher into a submission
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Once again WOLF had earned his way into a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP tournament and once again he was beaten down by MONOLITH! MONOLITH is, without a doubt, the most dominant champion in recent history. After the match, he left WOLF holding his ribs in the middle of the ring and walked to the top of the ram with the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP over his shoulder. He turned back to look at WOLF and got that patented smirk on his face. This is what we saw as we…


Overall Card Rating: 3.90