CARD #2123.83 – INVASION – 06.14.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(After the opening theme, we cut to the center of the ring where stands the GWF COMMISSIONER, IRON HAND. He’s welcomed by a chorus of boos.)

IRON HAND: I’m here tonight to announce the title matches for our next supercard, Shockwave! First, of course, Monolith will get his mandatory rematch against Galaxian Champion, Havoc.

(The CROWD cheers in anticipation of seeing these two battle it out again.)

IRON HAND: Now, in the Galaxian Tag Team Title Match, I have no choice but to pit champions Divided We Fall against the team that beat them in a non-title match, Titan Energy!

(The CROWD boos this. Even though TITAN ENERGY are crowd favorites, it again seems as if IRON HAND is pitting the champs against a lower ranked team, even if they do hold a pinfall victory over DIVIDED WE FALL.)

IRON HAND: What?! They beat them in a non-title match. It’s only fair. Now, where the Interplanetary Championship is concerned, champion NOSFERA will be taking on challenger The Main Event!

(The CROWD cheers for this announcement.)

IRON HAND: That brings me to the GWF Women’s Championship. Now, looking over the matches in the past few months, on paper, it appears as if Strafe is the number one contender.

(CROWD cheers!)

IRON HAND: But you see, the problem is, I’ve given Strafe shot after shot and she…well, she’s come up short every time. So that’s why at Shockwave, GWF Women’s Champion Mother Superior will put her title on the line against Phantasy.

(CROWD boos this big time.)

IRON HAND: I know, I know, not popular. But I’m not here to do what’s popular, I’m here to do what I feel is in the best interest of the federation. And that is a rundown of the championship matches that will take place at….

(Suddenly THE ONE’S IN THE WATER starts playing over the PA and PLETHADOR starts shimmying his way to ringside, hi fiving the fans on the way down to the ring. He climbs up into the ring with IRON HAND who does not look amused at all.)

PLETHADOR: Good evening Commissioner! And good evening to you, my loyal fans!

(The CROWD cheers hard for PLETHADOR.)

IRON HAND: What do you want?

PLETHADOR: Well, sir. I cam out here to ask you if you, perhaps, were witness to my most incredible match last time on SuperNova where I out-hardcored the hardcore titan, Payback?!

(The CROWD cheers.)

IRON HAND: I seem to recall that, yes.

PLETHADOR: Well, you see sir, I did so amazingly well in that match, I’m thinking it’s a whole new angle in my career! Plethador, The Hardcore Amphibian.

(The CROWD loves this.)


IRON HAND: Why are you wasting my time with this. As long as you play by my rules, I don’t care what you do.

PLETHADOR: Well you see, at one time this fed had a title known as the GWF Heavy Metal Championship. It was always defended in special matches and, well anyway, long story short, Epoch was the champ and then, uh, Epoch disappeared. So Massif deactivated the belt.


PLETHADOR: So I’m wondering, since I have this whole new angle to my career, if you’d consider activating the title again and, well, awarding it to the most hardcore player in the fed today….me.


IRON HAND (smirks): You amuse me. You truly do. I would not just activate a title and hand it directly over to you. No. Not even in the wildest reaches of your dreams.

(CROWD boos.)

IRON HAND: But, I’m all for competition and perhaps, re-activating that title would help channel some of the out of control antics that seem to run rampant around here by giving those who need that kind of thrill an outlet. So, I will CONSIDER re-activating the Heavy Metal Belt.

(CROWD cheers. PLETHADOR smiles.)

IRON HAND: But I will only consider it. And only then is you, Mr. Hardcore, face me, one on one at Shockwave in a Fight The Power Match!

(CROWD goes nuts. PLETHADOR is shocked and looks at IRON HAND.)

PLETHADOR: Well, I guess your word is law around here.


PLETHADOR: And if your word is law, then I have no other choice if I want that belt to be re-activated.

IRON HAND: Precisely.

PLETHADOR: Well in that case…

(In on swift motion, PLETHADOR slams his mic into the side of IRON HAND’S head knocking him to the mat.)

PLETHADOR: I accept!

(The CROWD is going nuts! PLETHADOR leaves the ring and a very, very unhappy IRON HAND stands and exit after him.)

Phantasy vs. Strafe
Strafe defeated Phantasy with a pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: STRAFE continues to dominate the women’s scene here in the GWF. Will it be enough to get her another title shot? And if she does will she be able to get the job done against MOTHER SUPERIOR.

(SLY DRURY and AMERICAN GUY are in the ring. ENDGAME and U.S. MALE enter as well. Before the match starts, DRURY grabs a mic.)

DRURY: Endgame, for months now you’ve been carrying on this insane crusade against the Outlaw Nation. Now, granted, the Outlaw Nation has no problem kicking you and your teammate’s asses all over the galaxy. But, we’re gamblers. We’d like to make things interesting. I had Betrayer do some checking. Since the beginning of 2123, one of your FDF guys has beaten one of my Outlaw Nation guys a total of eight times. And one of my Outlaw Nation guys has beaten one of your FDF guys only 7 times. So here’s what I propose. In our little feud here, whomever’s team is ahead, as yours is now, get to determine what kind of matches their teammates fight in against the other’s teammates. We’ll keep this going till the end of the year, giving whomever’s team hold the most wins the advantage! What says you?

ENDGAME: Since it will not take much to easily trounce you or any member of your team, the Federation Defense Fighters accept heartedly.

(CROWD cheers.)

ENDGAME: But since tonight’s match is already set, and we are currently in the lead, eight to seven, I’d like to propose a match for Shockwave.

SLY DRURY (smirks): Name it.

ENDGAME: The entire Federation Defense Fighters against all members of Outlaw Nation in a Battlezone Match!

(CROWD cheers.)

SLY DRURY: Your fondness for the classics amuses me Endgame. Fine. We accept. You’d just better hope we don’t injure you or Male tonight so that you won’t be around to help your team!

(And with that DRURY and GUY charged ENDGAME and MALE and the ref called for the bell!)

Endgame and U.S. Male vs. American Guy and Sly Drury
Sly Drury defeated Endgame with a pinfall after CRIME LORD
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: The FDF/OUTLAW NATION war continues and this match settles nothing. Good back and forth but the OUTLAWS were able to get the win. This also beings the blood feud score to 8 all, which means the Battlezone match at SHOCKWAVE will determine which camp gets the lead!

Tricks vs. Monolith
Monolith defeated Tricks with a pinfall after ANDROMEDA DROP.
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: TRICKS actually held his own in this match against former champion MONOLITH. But MONOLITH was just simply too powerful for the clown and in the end he succumbed to MONOLITH’S brute strength.

Swarm vs. Wolf
Wolf defeated Swarm with a submission after the SAVAGE FACE CLAW
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: WOLF seemed to know that he had to win this match. For months now fans and critics alike have been thinking that WOLF was past his prime and his losses continued to mount. He showed shades of his former glory in this match. At the end of this match, SWARM and WOLF shook hands.

The Main Event vs. Retribution
Retribution defeated The Main Event with a DQ after THE MAIN EVENT slammed RETRIBUTION’S head into the rails
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: THE MAIN EVENT and RETRIBUTION battle to another DQ. THE MAIN EVENT is again DQ’d for antics outside the ring. He was on an impressive winning streak but many now wonder if THE MAIN EVENT can beat RETRIBUTION in a clean fight.

(JUNGLE NIGHTS is standing prepping for tonight’s match against THE STAND. There’s a knock on the door and MALKUTH answers it. IRON HAND comes into the room.)

IRON HAND: I’ll make this short. You take out The Stand tonight and I’ll put you back in line for a title shot. You fail and it’s going to be quite sometime before you even LOOK at those belts again.

(IRON HAND doesn’t wait for a reply. He just turns and leaves. PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH look at each other and nod.)

The Stand vs. Jungle Nights
Valour defeated Malkuth with a pinfall after a Valour Thrust
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: A simply fantastic match between these two teams and we get a clear winner in THE STAND! This result obviously makes IRON HAND most unhappy as well!

Disaster vs. Havoc
Disaster defeated Havoc with a DQ when the ref catches DARK MENACE handing HAVOC the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP BELT to use a weapon
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: HAVOC dominated this match. He had DISASTER close to losing several times, apparently he felt he needed a little something extra to help him get the win. DISASTER was furious after the match and went after HAVOC but the champ bailed and ran to the back. He got to the top of the ramp and there stood MONOLITH. HAVOC spun around and MONOLITH were face to face. HAVOC didn’t back down though. He stepped right up to MONOLITH and these two staring each other down is what we see as we….


Overall Card Rating: 3.36