CARD #2123.80 – SUPERNOVA – 05.07.2123

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

(We fade into the Deimos Intergalactic Arena and IRON HAND is standing center ring, mic in hand.)

IRON HAND: I’m more than positive that you all are not surprised to see me standing here first thing tonight. I’m sure most of you assume that I’m out here to demand that your new Galaxian Champion Havoc come out here and defend his newly won title against Monolith in a rematch. Well, I will tell you that rematch will happen, but not tonight. I am a fair, but firm Commissioner. Havoc won the belt fair and square. I admire that. I respect that. Even though Monolith is ‘my guy’ and I have the power to do what I want, we’ll do things the fair way. Havoc, you’ll defend your belt, against Monolith at the next supercard. And in the meantime, Monolith, will be hitting the rank and file matches until then.

(CROWD, for once, cheers for IRON HAND.)

IRON HAND: I’ve also been mulling around some thoughts on the champions of this fed. Being champion seems to be a pretty cush slot. You just wrestle when you defend your title. Well, you see, the GWF is about wrestling. And champs need to be wrestling. That why, from this point going forward, every champion will defend their belts as scheduled but there will also be a series of non-title matches so the champions can also wrestle. You know, what they are here to do. This will give champs a chance to show their strengths and possibly give some of the other talent on the roster a chance to impress me. It starts tonight with Mother Superior wrestling in a non title match against a very worthy opponent….Rotunda!

(CROWD boos! Obviously this opponent was cherry picked for IRON HAND’S charge MOTHER SUPERIOR.)

IRON HAND (smirks): How quickly you turn. Doesn’t matter. My word is law. Martial law.

(IRON HAND turns and leaves the ring and we’re ready to start tonight’s show.)

Circus Strongmen 2123 vs. The Master Race
Thraxx defeated Gryt with a pinfall after POWER OF KROLL
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: MASTER RACE pretty much dominated this match. CIRCUS STRONGMEN did so some offense but MASTER RACE was strong in this showing.

Sultana vs. Deadliest
Deadliest defeated Sultana with a submission via a hangman’s vice
Match Rating: 1.50
Match Notes: DEADLIEST looked good against SULTANA. DEADLIEST appears to be determined to head up the ladder to try for the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

The Troubleshooters vs. Titan Energy
Muss defeated Tristan with a pinfall after a vicious double team
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: This was a pretty fantastic match. At one point the ref was knocked out and TITAN ENERGY was on a winning streak, but once the ref was back in the match THE TROUBLESHOOTERS tightened up their game and was able to score the win. TITAN ENERGY just has not been able to catch as a team so far this year.

American Guy vs. U.S. Male
American Guy defeated U.S. Male with a pinfall after AMERICAN FIREPOWER
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: A decent match between these two hated rivals. The OUTLAW NATION picks up a win in the blood feud against the FDF.

The Main Event vs. Retribution
The Main Event defeated Retribution with a DQ after RETRIBUTION slammed MAIN EVENT’S head into the rails at ringside
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: Most thought that THE MAIN EVENT would easily walk away with the win as he’s been on a streak as of late. He did get the win but seemed to have some trouble handling RETRIBUTION.

Tricks vs. Payback
Tricks defeated Payback with a pinfall after AXE MURDERER
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: TRICKS looked great in this match. Many thought this might turned into a brutal violent match, but it was pretty one sided and TRICKS picked up the win.

Rotunda vs. Mother Superior
Mother Superior defeated Rotunda with a countout
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: ROTUNDA actually brought the fight to this match. Perhaps thinking a win might get her a title shot. MOTHER SUPERIOR took the fight outside and was able to slip back into the ring before the ten count after a vicious dropkick sent ROTUNDA back against the rails and she was unable to get back into the ring.

Overall Card Rating: 2.23