2122.67 – SURVIVAL – 11.30.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We fade in on COMMISSIONER MASSIF standing in the middle of the sold out DEIMOS INTERGALACTIC ARENA. The CROWD is going nuts.)

MASSIF: Good evening GWF fans and welcome to SURVIVAL!

(CROWD pop!)

MASSIF: We have 5 amazing Survival Rules matches for you tonight and I know you’re eager to see them but before we begin I have a few announcements to make. First, as you know, Malkuth who is currently one half of the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS was injured at RANDOM ACTS and the reports are that he’ll be out for 9 cards. In the GWF there has been a long standing tradition in that championships must be defended monthly and since JUNGLE WARRIORS will not be able to fulfill that obligation, effective immediately I am hereby stripping them of the titles.

(CROWD boos! This is very unpopular with them.)

MASSIF: Now I know that JUNGLE WARRIORS is a top notch team and very popular with you, the fans, but my job is to make sure standards are upheld and so my decision stands. I will say that the entire GWF front office wishes Malkuth nothing but a speedy recovery and I promise that when JUNGLE WARRIROS is ready to return they will get a title shot at the earliest convenience.

(CROWD offers a mixed reaction to this.)

MASSIF: Now this leaves us in a position to fill the vacant tag team titles. As you know, as we enter the last month of 2122, it’s tradition to hold our annual CIVIAL WAR event which always focuses on tag teams. This year. there will be a tag team battle royal between DIVIDED WE FALL, Rage & Paralyze, CIRCUS STRONGMEN, TITAN FURY, MASTER RACE and THE TROUBLESHOOTERS. The rules will be that once your partner is eliminated, you are eliminated as well. The battle will continue until there are only two teams left. At that moment the match will become a regular Tag Team match and the winners will be the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. At this time this is the best solution I can come up with as there’s simply not enough teams to hold a title tournament.

(CROWD boos.)

MASSIF: I know, I know! Another unpopular decision, but being Commissioner means you have to make tough choices that are not always popular. I’m sorry. But here’s something that I’m sure you’ll like, that’s it for announcements! Let’s ring the bell and get the action started!!

(CROWD cheers as MASSIF leaves the ring.)

The Galaxian Tag Team Championship was declared vacant

Sultana, Mother Superior, Rotunda, and Phantasy vs. She Devil, Shann-Ra, Lorelei, and Strafe
Strafe defeated Sultana with a cross body block into a pinfall
Mother Superior defeated She Devil with a SERPENTS OF HYDRA that lead to a submission
Mother Superior defeated Strafe with a DIVIDED WE FALL into a pinfall
Lorelei defeated Rotunda with a missle dropkick into a pinfall
Phantasy defeated Shann-Ra with a double clothesline into a pinfall
Mother Superior defeated Lorelei with a SERPENTS OF HYDRA that lead to a submission
Match Rating: 5.00

Tricks, Nosfera, and Vidtek vs. Retribution, Kill Prey, and Daimyo
Retribution defeated Nosfera with a DQ when Nosfera attacks the fans at ringside
Tricks defeated Retribution with a double powerslam into a pinfall
Vidtek defeated Kill Prey with a slam from the turnbuckle
Daimyo defeated Vidtek with a BOLO CHOKE into a submission
Daimyo defeated Tricks with a BOLO TRIP into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: (After the match COMMISSIONER MASSIF ran to ringside and grabbed a mic while Medics were attending to the fan that was attacked by NOSFERA.)

MASSIF:Nosfera! Nosfera, as acting Commissioner I demeand you come out here now.

(A few moments after OMEN and NOSFERA appeared at the top of the ramp.)

MASSIF: I refuse to allow you to injure fans who are NOT professional athletes and are only here to enjoy the show. Therefore I’m suspending you immediately!

(CROWD cheers.)

MASSIF: You are hereby suspending you for 3 Cards!

(The CROWD was legitimately stunned. They’d been expecting a much stiffer sentence. MASSIF dropped the mic and helped the medics wheel the injured fan out to the emergency hover vehicle.)

Panther Warrior, Swarm, and Titan Glory vs. Rage and Paralyze and Circus Strongmen
Rage defeated Panther Warrior with a DEATH AFTER DEATH into a pinfall
Swarm defeated Gryt with an ANDROMEDA DROP into a pinfall
Tanck defeated Tristan with an IRON MAN VICE lead to a submission
Tanck defeated Swarm with an IRON MAN VICE lead to a submission
Reckless defeated Rage with a backwards splash into a pinfall
Paralyze defeated Reckless with a foreign object behind the ref’s back
Match Rating: 5.00

Endgame, Tauran, Anivar, and Payback vs. Sly Drury, Valour, American Guy, and The Betrayer
American Guy defeated Tauran with an AMERICAN FIREPOWER into a pinfall
Valour defeated Anivar with a tombstone powerbomb into a pinfall
Payback defeated The Betrayer with an EXVENGE into a pinfall
Sly Drury defeated Endgame with a CRIME LORD into a pinfall
Sly Drury defeated Payback with a Suplex DDT into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: (After the match SLY DRURY stood victorious over PAYBACK. AMERICAN GUY grabbed PAYBACKby the arms and motioned for VALOUR to hold his feet. VALOUR took one look and turned and walked out of the ring. DRURY and GUY watched him leave. They looked at each other for a moment and DRURY shrugged. DRURY wound up to deck PAYBACK when suddenly ANIVAR hit the ring. He smashed DRURY and then AMERICAN GUY, knocking him out of the ring to the arena floor. He helped PAYBACK to his feet and the two just UNLEASHED on SLY DRURY. It was a brutal assault as ANIVAR and PAYBACK dealt a little return justice to DRURY and it ended with ANIVAR holding DRURY on top of a table the two had brought into the ring and PAYBACK leaping from the top turnbuckle with a char and landing SMACK on DRURY sending the chair and DRURY through the table. DRURY was a bloody mess by the time that security was able to clear the FDF members out of the ring and DRURY was then taken on a stretcher out of the arena. Initial reports are that he’ll be injured for 6 cards.

Monolith, Havoc, and The Master Race vs. Wolf, Disaster, and Divided We Fall
Wolf defeated Havoc with a DQ after HAVOC whipped WOLF into the guardrail at ringside
Disaster defeated Monolith with a Gladiator Piledriver into a pinfall
Zygon defeated Encubus with a countout when ENCUBUS began chasing DARK MENACE around the ring after he interfered
Wolf defeated Zygon with a DQ when ZYGON refused to stop brawling
Thraxx defeated Disaster with a DQ due to DISASTER refusing to stop brawling with THRAXX
Thraxx defeated Bloodline with a DQ when STRAFE interferes in the match
Thraxx defeated Wolf with a side powerbomb into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Overall Card Rating: 5.00