CARD #2122.66 – RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE – 11.15.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We are in the ANIMEN locker room. PLETHADOR sits on the bench. Around him are SHE DEVIL and the JUNGLE WARRIORS.)

PANTHER WARRIOR: …simply insane!

PLEHADOR: Stop saying that! It is not!

MALKUTH: You have no idea what type of match it’s going to be and you’re going to be in there with three men who could care less if you can ever compete again.

SHE-DEVIL: Look, Pletahdor, you’re and key member of this team, but you’re not going to be any good to us!

(PLETHADOR abruptly stands.)

PLETHADOR: Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP! Enough! I understand, you all don’t approve because Rotunda doesn’t fit your ideal of what a woman should look like, but I love her! I’d do anything to win her love and tonight I’ll do it. I can take any of those men one on one, they have to follow tag rules, so it ain’t gonna be a problem!

(PLETHADOR storms out of the locker room.)

MALKUTH: Tonight is not going to end well.

Strafe vs. Shann-Ra
Shann-Ra defeated Strafe with a MACHETE into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: Surprisingly these two women went at each other with such amazing tenacity neither was thrown into the turnbuckles. A little disappointing for the fans in attendance but they put on a really great opening match.

Tricks vs. Disaster
Disaster defeated Tricks with a Gladiator Piledriver into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This match was everything it was cracked up to be! Violent, unrelenting, amazing and in the end it was DISASTER who took the win after a Gladiator Piledriver on the concrete floor.

Plethador vs. and Circus Strongmen, Scimitar
Tanck defeated Plethador with a Fallaway Slam into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: This match was an absolute travesty. TANCK just destroyed PLETHADOR. SCIMITAR and GRYT just stood on the apron and laughed as TANCK repeated slammed PLETHADOR into the cage. PLETAHDOR was a bloody mess only minutes into the match. ROTUNDA who was at ringside kept begging TANCK to stop and finally when PLETHADOR was lying motionless in the middle of the ring, TANCK smirked and made his way to the door to end the match. PLETHADOR was taken from the ring on a stretcher.

Nosfera vs. Retribution
Nosfera defeated Retribution with a SPRING HEEL KICK into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: RETRIBUTION mounted no offense at all during this match and NOSFERA was able to score a relatively easy win.

(We cut to the ring and the FDF, minus U.S. MALE is in the middle of the ring. ANIVAR and TAURAN stand in either corner. ENDGAME has the mic.)

ENDGAME: For weeks now OUtlaw Nation, lead by that murderer, Sly Drury has run rough shot through the GWF. They did as they pleased. They took Anivar out of action and then American Guy, under the direction of Sly Drury, put U.S. Male on the shelf for 12 cards! Over the past few weeks though, we’ve been putting them in their place. Drury has lost to both me and Tauran and I took care of American Guy just last card. Finally the FDF has the Outlaw Nation on the run. We are…

(Suddenly OUTLAW NATION’S music hits and out comes SLY DRURY, VALOUR, THE BETRAYER and AMERICAN GUY. DRURY has a mic.)

DRURY: Whoa, whoa whoa, meat. What do you mean we’re on the run? We aren’t on the run we’re standing right here in front of you! Now, it is true that you have bested us recently, but, um, we’re still here and you are still down one guy. I’d say that means we’re winning.

ENDGAME: Drury, I’m glad you’re here. I want a match. The FDF against Outlaw Nation at SURVIVAL. A SURVIVOR RULES match and if your team survives, I’ll leave the GWF till 2123. If I win, you have to leave until 2123. What do you say?

DRURY: What do I say? Well hell I say yes. My team will gladly pummel you at SURVIVAL. But, and please correct me if I’m wrong, you’re one member short. You’re going in at a disadvantage.

ENDGAME: Hmmmm….it looks that way. Fortunately we have a friend who’s up for any kind of action and has agreed to fight alongside of us at SURVIVAL.

DRURY: Oh you’ve got a friend huh? How bout that fellas, old CHrime Dome has a friend. Who’s your friend meat?

ENDGAME: Meat? Oh you want to meet him? Sure. Turn around.

(OUTLAW NATION spins around and halfway up the VidScreen is PAYBACK who performs a death defying leap down onto all four men! The FDF charges out of the ring and soon a huge brawl erupts!! It takes several security guards to separate the men but soon the ram is clear! How amazing is SURVIVAL going to be with PAYBACK joining the FDF against OUTLAW NATION?!)

Mother Superior vs. Rotunda
for the GWF Women’s Championship
Mother Superior defeated Rotunda with a SERPENTS OF HYDRA that lead to a submission
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: ROTUNDA was obviously shaken up after what had happened to PLETHADOR earlier. She seemed distracted and though she had the upper hand a few times, MOTHER SUPERIOR was just too smart to lose.

Havoc vs. Vidtek
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Havoc defeated Vidtek with a FALLEN DREAMS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: HAVOC again shows that he is indeed worthy of holding the INTERPLANETARY BELT as he easily took care of VIDTEK in the middle of the CIRCINUS CELL. Despite the fears of some fans, Vidtek was able to walk away from the match injury free.

Jungle Warriors vs. Rage and Paralyze
for the Galaxian Tag Team Championship
Malkuth defeated Paralyze with a cinder block smash on the head into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: An amazing match, these two teams took each other apart! In the end MALKUTH needed to use a cinder block to put PARALYZE down! After the bell rang DISASTER was immediately at ringside and held PANTHER WARRIOR back as RAGE attacked MALKUTH! PARALYZE soon recovered and he and grabbed MALKUTH and hit the PARALYZER on him three times on the the simulated Antilla Ruins floor!

MALKUTH was out and as the GLADIATORS left MALKUTH was put on a stretcher. He’s obviously injured! What will this mean for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP?! We’ll have to wait and see.

Monolith vs. Wolf
for the Galaxian Championship
Monolith defeated Wolf with THE END OF ALL THINGS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: WOLF went into this match FULL FORCE! Within three moves he had MONOLITH laid out on top of two tables and leapt from the top turnbuckle and smashed MONOLITH through both of them! Then WOLF, and all those in attendance, couldn’t believe it when MONOLITH just stood up! WOLF attacked again and put MONOLITH through another table. Again, MONOLITH just stood up! WOLF was going nuts! MONOLITH soon took control and performed THE END OF ALL THINGS and put WOLF right away! MONOLITH gained back his GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and held it aloft!

Monolith won the Galaxian Championship