CARD #2122.65 – SUPERNOVA – 10.14.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

(We fade in on the hovercraft lot outside the arena door. SLY DRURY stands in the lot looking at his watch. The lights of a hovercraft appear and it lands in the lot. DRURY walks up to the craft as it’s ramps lowers.)

DRURY: It’s about time!

(At the top of the ramp, AMERICAN GUY, VALOUR and THE BETRAYER appear.)

BETRAYER: Oh, well excuse us if there was traffic coming up the Cenaught Expressway! We got here when we could.

VALOUR: Regardless, we are here now.

AMERICAN GUY: Yeah, so what’s the plan. Who we taking out tonight?

DRURY: Endgame. He’s still raving about what you did to U.S. Male. He’s got to be dealt with immediately.


DRURY: Tonight during his match.

AMERICAN GUY: Well, hell yeah! Who’s he wrestling tonight?

DRURY: You. Better go get suited up. Phantasy’s in the lockerroom.

AMERICAN GUY: What? Wait a minute, Endgame is [censored] off at me and so I gotta wrestle him tonight?!

DRURY: Don’t worry. You’re a member of the Nation. The Outlaw Nation. And ever member can count on every other member to be close at hand if problems arise. Now go get suited up.

(AMERICAN GUY looks at DRURY for a minute and smirks. Then heads to the arena door. VALOUR follows behind. BETRAYER and DRURY are left. BETRAYER looks over at DRURY and holds up a small pouch.)

BETRAYER: Trail mix?

(DRURY looks at the pouch, then at Betrayer and turns to go back inside.)

BETRAYER: It was a long trip! We stopped for snacks! I have a bag of Sidor Jerky too if you’d rather!

(With that we cut to the show opening and PYRO as SUPERNOVA kicks off for another night of action!

Daimyo vs. Wolf
for the Galaxian Championship
Wolf defeated Daimyo with a Howling Moonsault into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: DAIMYO wrestled a hell of a match, but the veteran WOLF proved to be too much. WOLF capitalized on the rookie’s mistake and was able to take him out and capture the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! During the match MONOLITH and DARK MENACE stood at the top of the ramp. As WOLF celebrated in the ring, MONOLITH and DARK MENACE looked at each other. MONOLITH smiled and turned to walk back to the locker room.

Wolf won the Galaxian Championship

(Back from commercial we see ROTUNDA is standing in the middle of the ring with a mic.)

ROTUNDA: I just wanted to say that I’m dedicating tonight’s match to a very special guy. He knows who he is and I know that someday we’ll be together! I believe in him!

(With that we’re ready to begin the match!)

Phantasy vs. Rotunda
Rotunda defeated Phantasy with a FAT LADY SINGS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 0.50
Match Notes: Super short match that ROTUNDA just dominated. After the match she requested that THE ONES IN THE WATER be played and much to the amusement (and disgust) of those in attendance, ROTUNDA did her version of the PLETHADOR SHUFFLE!

Strafe vs. Shann-Ra
Strafe defeated Shann-Ra with a DQ when SHANN-RA refused to bring the action back into the ring.
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: These two women tore each other apart during this match. SHANN-RA took the match outside the ring and refused to bring it back in, giving STRAFE the win.

Tricks vs. Disaster
Tricks defeated Disaster with a DQ due to DISASTER’S brawling
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Many predicted this would be a wild match and it WAS! These two dug into each other and refused to let go! It was a brawlfest from the opening bell. In the end TRICKS got the win, but it was only because DISASTER kept ignoring the ref! These two will meet again and fans are eagerly awaiting that matchup!

Titan Glory vs. Circus Strongmen
Gryt defeated Reckless with a COUNTOUT when GRYT piledrove RECKLESS outside the ring and he was unable to answer the 10 count
Match Rating: 1.50

Endgame vs. American Guy
Endgame defeated American Guy with an ULTIMATE LEAP into a pinfall
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: Halfway through the match SLY DRURY, VALOUR and THE BETRAYER came to ringside looking to get involved. MASSIF appeared and forbade them to come anywhere near the ring, threatening more suspensions. All OUTLAW NATION could do was look on as ENDGAME took AMERICAN GUY out systematically. After the match ENDGAME hopped out of the ring and calmly walked up the ramp past OUTLAW NATION, stopping only to glance at them momentarily.

Divided We Fall vs. The Master Race
Bloodline defeated Zygon with a COSMIC BIG BANG off the ramp onto the concrete floor
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This match was INSANE! The ending saw BLOODLINE push ZYGON off the ramp onto the concrete floor and then performing an amazing COMISC BIG BANG from the ramp! All in attendance gasped at the sight and the replay will make any highlight reel I’m sure! The match was over seconds after! Amazing!

Havoc vs. Swarm
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Havoc defeated Swarm with a FALLEN DREAMS into a pinfall
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: A great match between two amazing athletes! In the end, HAVOC got the win! HAVOC continued the practice of just outwrestling his opponent! The fans hate him but he’s proven he’s got the good to be a champion!

Wolf vs. Monolith
for the Galaxian Championship
Wolf defeated Monolith with a DQ when MONOLITH hits WOLF with a chair at ringside
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: This was a once sided affair until MONOLITH decided to even things out with a steel chair. The ref stopped the match immediately. WOLF was irate and wanted the match to continue, but the ref refused. MONOLITH and DARK menace just stomped off backstage as WOLF was left standing in the ring. The ref handed him the GALAXIAN title and he held it aloft while watching MONOLITH walk out as we…