CARD #2122.56 – INVASION – 03.01.2122

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Rotunda vs. Lorelei
Rotunda defeated Lorelei with a via pinfall after FAT LADY SINGS
Match Rating: 1.00
Sultana vs. Mother Superior
Mother Superior defeated Sultana with a via pinfall after DIVIDED WE FALL
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: MOTHER SUPERIOR destroyed SULTANA in two moves in this super quick match.

Scimitar vs. Retribution
Retribution defeated Scimitar with a via pinfall with the MYTH BUSTER
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: After this well fought match, RETRIBUTION grabbed the mic.

RETRIBUTION: You know, I came to the GWF for a reason. That reason was to dispose the galaxy of one individual. An individual who is nothing but a waste of space. An individual who has no respect for other creatures. An individual who has no respect for you the fans. Until recently that person has been preoccupied with other pursuits. But now, NOSFERA, when you come back. I’ll be waiting. Prepare to be crippled!

Circus Strongmen vs. Rage and Paralyze
Rage defeated Tanck with a via pinfall after DEATH AFTER DEATH
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was the match of the night, but it saw RAGE & PARALYZE dominating. The CIRCUS STRONGMEN were on defense the whole time and though they survived awhile, they were no match for the GLADIATORS in the end.

Sly Drury vs. Vidtek
Vidtek defeated Sly Drury with a via pinfall with BIG TIME
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: The moment the bell rang, the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS alleared at the top of the ramp. They said nothing, they did nothing but stare at DRURY and whisper amongst themselves. DRURY noticed this and became paranoid which gave VIDTEK the chance to pick up the win.

Tricks vs. U.S. Male
U.S. Male defeated Tricks with a via pinfall after the PATRIOT MISSLE
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: U.S. MALE hit his finisher twice to finally put TRICKS away to win this match.

The Betrayer vs. Anivar
Anivar defeated The Betrayer with a via DQ when The Betrayer began browling outside the ring and hit Anivar with a chair.
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: After the bell rang, ENDGAME, TAURAN and U.S. MALE ran to ringside to help ANIVAR. Moments later, SLY DRURY, THE BETRAYER and VALOUR joined the fray and all 8 men mercilessly pounded on each other. Officials did their best to restore order, but the brawl continued as the cameras…