CARD #2121.31 – NEW BEGINNINGS – 01.01.2121

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


(Outside the arena a super cruiser pulls up. Out steps DARK MENACE followed by MONOLITH. A page runs up to the cruiser.)

PAIGE: Good evening Gentlemen. Monolith, sir you’re in locker room 27B.

DARK MENACE: Insolent Cur, you do not speak to Monolith. You speak to me and are grateful every moment we let you live.

PAIGE: Y-y-y-es s-s-sir.

DARK MENACE: Now tell me, what time does Monolith get to wrestler Endgame?

PAIGE: Endgame sir?

DARK MENACE: Idiot! You are standing in the presence of the future of the GWF. What time does he get his Championship Match against Endgame?

PAIGE: Sir, Mr. Monolith is not wrestling Endgame tonight.

MONOLITH: Grrrrrrrr.

DARK MENACE: I’ll handle this. Now listen to me, Monolith is in the main even tonight, yes?

PAIGE: Yes, sir.

DARK MENACE: And he’s wrestling for the GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP against Endgame, right?

PAIGE: Uh no, actually sir, he’s not. This is the annual Rookie Brawl. This is where all the new wrestlers debut against each other.

MONOLITH: ROOKIE?! I AM A ROOKIE? (MONOLITH raises his fist and brings it down on the hood of the super cruiser, smashing it.)


PAIGE (LOOKS AT CLIPBOARD): Um, Dead Ringer, sir.

(With a growl of rage, MONOLITH flips the super cruiser over.)

DARK MENACE: Monolith has to waste his time with a two bit mid carder from the AniMen team? Who made this idiotic match?

PAIGE: Well, umm, Commissioner Massif did sir.

DARK MENACE: I see. Well, I guess we have to play by the rules then. Get out of our way peon.

(MONOLITH and DARK MENACE pass by the PAIGE who swallows nervously.)


Sultana d. Mother Superior by DQ when Mother Superior refused to stop brawling outside the ring. – *1/2

Rage & Paralyze d. CLAWS & KNIVES by pinfall with the DEATH AFTER DEATH. – ****1/2

Panther Warrior d. Tricks by pinfall after JUNGLE NIGHTS. – *****

(We are in the locker room of The AniMen. ANTAK is taping up for his match. In the background the shower is running. There’s a knock on the door. ANTAK answers and in walks the PAIGE with a bouquet of water lillies.)

ANTAK: Blimey, what is this?

PAIGE: Delivery for Plethador.

ANTAK: Oh right, you’ve got to be kidding me. Hey! Fish breath! You got a delivery.

(The shower stops and Plethador enters wrapped in a towel.)

PLETHADOR: Oh hey, water lillies, my favorite! Who sent these?

PAIGE: I don’t know sir, they were left in the office. There’s a card though.

PLETHADOR: Ah good. (PLETHADOR takes the card off the flowers and opens it. He reads it and smiles.)

ANTAK: Well, what does it say?

PLETHADOR: It says, “Hey Sexy, good luck with your match tonight. I’ll be watching. XOXO An Admirer.”

ANTAK: Oh brother.

PLETHADOR: Mmmm I bet these are from Phantasy. She’s been giving me the eye recently.

ANTAK: Oh really? When? In between snogging American Guy all day?

PLETHADOR: Oh don’t be jealous, just because I’ve got the skin the ladies want to play slip and slide on.

ANTAK: I think I’m gonna be sick. Get you’re gear, we’re on.

(ANTAK & PLETHADOR head to the ring.)

DIVIDED WE FALL d. Antak & Plethador by pinfall with the GAMEMASTER DDT. Plethador seemed awfully distracted during this match, he kept looking around the ringside area for his admirer. – ***

Monolith d. Dead Ringer by DQ when She Devil interfered in the match. Monolith had a rough time getting going in this match and Dead Ringer was on offense much of the time. Dark Menace was much dismayed. – ***