CARD #2120.023 – DESTRUCTION – 07.01.2120

From Demios Intergalactic Arena, Demios

Shann-Ra d. Loreli by pinfall with The Machete. – *

Endgame d. Scimitar by submission with the rolling figure four. – *

Tanck d. Valour by DQ when Valour had a Violent Outburst. – ***1/2

THE COLONIZERS d. TITAN GLORY by pinfall with the Epoch Slam. – **

Bloodline d. Nosfera by DQ when Nosfera tried the Demon’s Breath in front of the ref. – *

CRIMSON CARNIVAL d. BIG THINGS by pinfall with a baseball slide kick. – ***1/2

Disaster d. Switchblade by pinfall with the Rampage. – **

THE GLADIATORS d. THE TROUBLESHOOTERS by DQ when a wild brawl broke out and Muss and The Bomb threw Havock out of the ring through the announce table.