CARD #2120.016 – NEW BEGINNINGS 2120 – 01.01.2120

From Demios Intergalactic Arena, Demios

BIG THINGS & CRIMSON CARNIVAL brawled to a Double DQ in a match that was amazing until it got out of hand. – ****1/2

Plethador d. Scimitar by submission with the SUCTION CLAW to win his debut match even though he was dehydrated. – **1/2

MASTER RACE d. TITAN GLORY by DQ when Tristan entered the ring to try and make a pin save. – ***

Nosfera d. The Gatekeepr by pinfall with the Srping Heel Kick. – *1/2

ANIMEN HORDE d. GENESIS by pinfall with the Bee Keeper Backbreaker. – **1/2

Tanck d. Minotaur by submission witht he Iron Man Vice. – ***

Rotunda d. Loreli by pinfall with the Fat Lady Sings. – ***

Valour d. Sly Drury by DQ when Drury slammed Valour into the ringpost.