CARD #2119.010 – THE RECKONING – 08.01.2119

From Demios Integalactic Arena, Demios


The show started out with the GWF Theme as Massif made his way to ringside.

MASSIF: Good evening GWF fans and welcome to The Reckoning 2119!


MASSIF: This annual event has been one of my favorites throughout the years and tonight, I’m sure, will prove one of the best years ever! I have a brief announcement to make before we get started. As you know all the GWF Titles will be defended tonight, however, for the past few weeks, one half of the Tag Team Champions, The Betrayer of the SOCIETY OF DEATH has been injured. Therefore I have no choice but to strip the SOCIETY OF DEATH of the titles and put them up for grabs for the winners of tonight’s Tag Team Gauntlet.

(SOCIETY OF DEATH’s theme hits and we are joined by the Tag Team Champions.)

TANCK: Whoa whoa whoa! You can’t strip of of the titles! We’re here! We’re ready to wrestle!

MASSIF: But The Betrayer is injured. I figured he wouldn’t be here.

THE BETRAYER: Look, we are the GWF Tag Team Champions an we aren’t the kind of champions like some of the other teams around here are. We’re fighting champions and I’m not going to let a minor injury keep me from that ring.

MASSIF: But your injury was severe according to the doctors…

THE BETRAYER: The doctors know NOTHING! I’m ready to go and we will defend and RETAIN the belts tonight!

MASSIF: Okay, I guess that’s settled then.

(THE COLONIZER’s music hits.)

EPOCH: Good evening esteemed Commissioner Massif.

MASSIF: ‘Esteemed Commissioner?’ What do you want Epoch?

EPOCH: Well I just had a slight request before we begin. I mean, you seem like the kind of Commissioner who likes a good fight. An amazing display of athletic ability.

TANCK: Of course he does, that’s why he’s going to be watching our title defense tonight instead of any match you’re in Epoch.

EPOCH: Amusing Tanck. Why don’t you butt out of this and let the ones with brains do the talking or you might get hurt.

MASSIF: Get to the point Epoch, we’re wasting the fan’s time here.

EPOCH: My point is simply this, THE COLONIZERS are currently entered in the Tag Team Gauntlet.

THE BETRAYER: Yes, which you will lose in.

SLAVE BEAST: You shut up! You don’t talk to Epoch that way!

THE BETRAYER: Oh what? You’re going to stop me?

MASSIF: Enough! Epoch ask you question now or I’m out of here.

EPOCH: Slave Beast and I both want to be entered into the Interplanetary Gauntlet as well.

MASSIF: You want to wrestle in more than one Gauntlet?

EPOCH: Exactly.

MASSIF: Heh. Well i think you’re nuts and it is a bit unprecedented but why not? Let’s go for it! Anything to get this evening started.

EPOCH: Excellent!

And with that we were underway!

(NOTE: The matches below were not wrestled in this order. The evening went: One woman’s match, one IP match, one TT match one HW match, etc, to give the winners a chance to rest. They are just presented in the order below for you the reader.)

She-Devil d. Loreli by pinfall with a Cannon Ball Clothesline
Shann-Ra d. She-Devil by pinfall via pinfall with a Swinging Hurricanrana
Shann-Ra d. Phantasy by pinfall with the Machete to become the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

(This was not held as a gauntlet, it was a rematch from the last card.)
Disaster d. Steele Freak by pinfall with the Rampage in a match that saw three tables broken! Disaster retains his GWF SPECIAL MATCHES CHAMPIONSHIP!

Epoch d. Anivar by pinfall with an Avalanche. Immediately following this win by Epoch, Slave Beast stormed the ring and attacked Epoch as he was Epoch’s next challenger in the IP Gauntlet!!
Epoch d. Slave Beast by pinfall after a viscous Heart Punch. After the match Epoch degraded Slave Beast and told him he would pay for his transgression later tonight.
Epoch d. Endgame by pinfall with a heart punch.
Epoch d. Sly Drury by count out after a piledriver outside the ring.
Switchblade d. Epoch by pinfall with the Blade Of Retribution to retain his GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

THE GUARDIANS d. THE COLONIZERS by pinfall with the Reckless Driver. At the beginning of this match, Slave Beast started and Epoch refused to tag in! After Slave Beast lost the match for THE COLONIZERS Epoch got on the mic and said this was his payback and he should never attack Epoch again!
THE GUARDIANS d. ANIMEN INVASION by pinfall with the Flying Hazard.
FIGHTING TITANS d. THE GUARDIANS by DQ when Valour had a Violent Outburst.
FIGHTING TITANS and STARS & STRIPES battled to a double DQ thanks to Payback and American Guy’s refusal to stop brawling.
THE TROUBLESHOOTERS d. Havok & Paralyze by DQ after Havock slammed Muss into a pole at ringside despite the ref’s warning not to.
SOCIETY OF DEATH d. THE TROUBLESHOOTERS by submission with the IRON MAN VISE in a match that saw Tanck wrestle the entire time. The Betrayer never tagged in once and some suspect he’s still too injured to wrestle. SOCIETY OF DEATH does retain their championship though!

Bloodline d. Amazing Mann by DQ after Amazing Mann refused to not slam Bloodline into the rails at ringside.
Bloodline d. Swarm by Submission with the Masterlock.
Bloodline d. Tauran by pinfall after Tauran slammed into the turnbuckle.
Encubus d. Bloodline by submission with the Encubus Crucifix in an AMAZING match.
Kill Prey d. Encubus by pinfall after the Ambush to retain his GWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!