CARD 2077.045 – BIG BANG 4

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Demios

The arena is jam packed with rabid fans for the final event of 2077!  Tonight, K.O. Keller will defend the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against Mangus, Destroyer of Humans and ROCK SOLID will defend the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP against PALADIN POWER.  Not only that, in the days leading up to the BIG BANG, Cosmos, still sore at what he says is injustice and not being named RECKONING MVP, has challenged Omega to a  match!  Omega reluctantly accepted, and that match happens tonight!

Mimic d. Silvar via submission with the MIME NERVE SLEEPER – * – Mimic wins here in the opener.  Pretty run of the ill match for both.  After the bell, Mimic went into one of his routines where he mimed the whole match he just wrestled.  Fans started booing these antics.

Commander Sam d. Santon The Loner via pinfall with SAM’S ATOMIC DROP – * – Commander Sam finishes out 2077 strong with a win over Santon here.

MENSANS d. THE CROSSCURRENTS via count out when Trotarus gave Thetis a piledriver on the arena floor – * – THE CROSSCURRENTS looked better here than they did at CIVIL WAR, but still not 100% as a team.

Torin Caelum d. Morpheus via submission with CAELUM’S GRIP – *** – Hard fought match by both men.  Morpheus is still getting used to singles matches, big win for the former champ.

WIND RIDERS d. DEFIANCE via DQ when Blood slammed Tano on the arena floor, despite the warnings of the ref – * – The WIND RIDERS used their fast paced offense to completely frustrate DEFIANCE.  They got so frustrated, it led to the DQ ending.  After the match, WIND RIDERS both said they want their shot at the titles after their non-title win at CIVIL WAR.

Omega d. Cosmos via pinfall with the COSMIC WAR DANCE – *** – A hard fought math by both men, but the veteran wins the night.  After the match, Omega extended a hand to the youngster and Cosmos stood and shook it.  The two hugged and all seemed forgiven between them.

ROCK SOLID d. PALADIN POWER via pinfall when Screw hit Moonstrike with the FREAKISH FACE SLAM – **** – Great match here!  Ricken Prince seemed keen on not getting DQ’d in this one and he and Screw used quick tags to keep PALADIN POWER off their mark.  ROCK SOLID ends the year proving they are fighting champions.

K.O. Keller d. Mangus, Destroyer of Humans via pinfall after hitting THE TEN COUNT – ** – As much as Mangus talked about getting the win here, he didn’t back it up with his actions!  Keller tore through him and showed Mangus that he is not quite ready to take the title from him yet.  K.O. Keller now has a seven card reign under his belt.  Not as impressive as Caelum’s 32 card reign, but it’s the second longest in the history of the GWF and he’s bested just about everyone who’s come at him.  Perhaps 2078 will bring him new challenges.  Keller stands tall as we…