2077.032 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Omega d. K.O. Keller via pinfall with the TOMAHAWK THRUST. – SQUASH

Santon The Loner d. Morpheus by DQ when Morpheus slams him into the ringpost. – *1/2

Mimic d. Torpor by pinfall via a deathjump. – SQUASH

Cosmos d. Ricken Prince via DQ when the ref sees BOW TO THE PRINCE. – *1/2

THE MENSANS d. THE WIND RIDERS via pinfall when Trotarus hit Rama with a flapjack. – *3/4

Commander Sam d. Blood via DQ when Blood slammed Sam on the concrete floor. – *

Torin Caelum d. Screw via submission with CAELUM’S GRIP. – **