2076.028 – BETRAYAL

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commander Sam d. Cosmos via pinfall after a deathjump. – *1/2
Mimic d. Torpor via submission with the MIME NERVER SLEEPER. – *1/2
Blood d. Ricken Prince via pinfall after a brain buster. – *
Omega, Santon The Loner, K.O. Keller, Screw & Morpheus received BYES.

Omega d. Santon The Loner via pinfall after a COSMIC WAR DANCE. – **
K.O. Keller d. Commander Sam via pinfall with a spinebuster. – *1/2
Screw d. Mimic via pinfall with an atomic drop. – *
Morpheus d. Blood via pinfall with TRIP TO HADES. – *

Omega d. K.O. Keller via pinfall with a dethjump. – ***
Morpheus d. Screw via pinfall with TRIP TO HADES. – **1/2

Morpheus d. Omega via pinfall with TRIP TO HADES. – **1/2

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